About Ukrainian Spirit

About Ukrainian Spirit

Born in courage and freedom Ukrainian Spirit

Ukrainian Spirit is a historical brand of vodka and a visit card of entire spirits and vodka industry of Ukraine. It embodies character, history, spiritual heritage and traditions of the Ukrainian people.

The secret of the premium vodka uniqueness is its classic recipe and quality control of raw materials and finished products at all stages of the production process.

Absolute quality of the Ukrainian Spirit is achieved thanks to the unique technology of "single water". The taste of the beverage is formed by the use of homogeneous crystal clear water, which spirits and vodka are made of.

Originating from the Woodlands of Volyn, Ukrainian Spirit Vodka originates from the historic town of Lutsk, founded in 1085. Ukrainian Spirit Vodka is a legacy brand stemming back to the early 19th century. Located in Western Ukraine, on October 27th 1838 the distillery and brewery were established by decree of the Volyn Region Governor-General.

The first written account of the enterprise was made in the journal, “Economic Status Of Cities settled in Volynskaya Governorship” (1861–1862). It recorded that two major products: beer and spirit were produced at this location.

In 1918, Lutsk City Council issued a decree that all bottle labels must state the brand name and geographic location of the distillery.

The Communist authorities nationalised the distillery in 1939 after Western Ukraine was invaded by the Soviet Union.

The brewery was re-established into a Vodka distillery in 1944 under the stewardship of the Volyn Regional Executive Committee.

In 1991, Ukraine became free from Soviet control. Ukrainian Spirit became independent and was able to explore its own identity on the world stage.

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